Modifying the T-962 Reflow Oven

Modifying the T-962 Reflow Oven

The T-962 is an incredibly notorious oven for its poor performance; despite being cheap, aesthetic and having some solid hardware. However now that new improved 3rd Party Firmware has been created by Unified Engineering this oven is a strong choice for using as a solder reflowing tool for hobbyists.

In this video, I'll show you the T-962 out of the box; then I'll provide recommendations on if this oven will be good for your solder reflowing applications. Finally, I provide a step by step guide on how to flash the new firmware to this oven, along with 4 other great modifications to greatly improve this oven.

Video Contents

0:32   What can you expect to gain from this video?
0:52   Analysis of the T-962 "Out of the Box"
2:44   Recommendations and who should buy it
4:40   List of the modifications to be performed
5:57   Disclaimer for working on this oven
6:42   Mod 1; Replace the masking tape
8:08   Mod 2; Grounding the case
9:29   Mod 3; Flashing the new firmware to the T-962
14:45   Mod 4; Installing the cold junction sensor
17:24   Mod 5; Adding fan control

Important Links

Link to the Google Shared Folder that contains things like schematics, Parts BOMs etc:

Important rules for working with electrical equipment:

The Flash Magic tool download page:

Homepage for Unified Engineering's T-962 Improvements:

T-962 Firmware download page:

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